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WASHINGTON future, as long as a phone, you can query and health management of remote health examination results. Reporters learned yesterday from Beijing Fair Organizing Committee, held in Beijing on May 28, the first Beijing to pay at the 10 Tsu Ming-examination self-developed "cloud health" intelligent control system for the medical industry companies, will focus on show the 24-hour health advice, the green channel for medical treatment, physical examination of the underwriting, private doctors, medical tourism, international referral, insurance optimization service smart "packaging" service. Website developed in Ciming corresponding program for medical appointment, the results of the query, chronic disease management, one-stop service.

According to reports, the first Jing intersection will trade in services: May 28-June 1, new vision, new opportunities, new development "as its theme, held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Beijing, the intersection is located in the national, international, integrated services in trade fairs, is the world's only covers trade in services 12 major areas, including business services, communication services, construction and related engineering services, financial services, tourism and travel related services. entertainment and cultural and sports services, transportation services, health and social services, education services, distribution services, environmental services and other services, trade in services trading platform. Beijing intersection is designed to become the trading platform of international trade in services negotiations, the international trade in services policy discussion release window, the national service trade exchanges and cooperation of the bridge.
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