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Solar street light use in a trunk mature? Or promote municipal power LED street lamp?

from the country it seems the city ten thousand ten pilot cities, the LED lighting market is v
ery optimistic, and has been out of traditional incandescent, April 8, 2012, Linfen City to create a "10 City, 10000," LED lighting pilot cities to start Shanxi Province, the only pilot back in Shanxi will gradually appear more LED street light pilot project.
In addition, with the manufacturers of solar cells and LED street lamp gradually mature. Has been more of a road installed solar street lights, as Ann Jiang a road across the board 37 km has been installed in more than 1,400 solar street light, the lamp LED street lamp.

Throws, solar street light than conventional utility power LED street lamp, high pressure sodium lamp is a lot easier, but because the solar energy without the laying of cables, but the direct use of solar light to recharge. Unexpected outbreak, as each region will be there when it rains. Rainy days the sun, thus filling point. Whether you solar street light with LED light source how energy-saving or electricity is gone, but also how energy-saving? Also raised the doubt before they have to understand, is said to be coupled with batteries. However, due to the quality of many manufacturers, often continued for two days no power. I might as well pull the mains?
The above question is very insightful. : There are other issues, one by one for your answer. Above questions are as follows:
First Solar is the most direct and on Earth in general is the most clean energy, solar energy as a huge amount of renewable energy, which can not be denied. Coupled with a long life, energy-saving LED street lamp, is really the best combination of energy-efficient main purpose is to minimize the waste of the earth's resources, expanding the use of new renewable energy space.The above problems, nothing more than question the quality of the battery problem. If the battery quality problems solved. Rainy days when the normal lighting, it is puzzling since the break.
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