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Staff have a private health consultant "

(Reporter Baibing) community chronic disease intervention management model will be extended into the enterprise, which is equivalent to each employee is equipped with a portable Integrative Medicine "private health consultant.

Reporters learned from the confidant Health Project, in the first pilot enterprises and the first batch of 50 people, nine adult average weight loss of 3.9 kg, prevention of the harm of obesity, hypertension and other chronic diseases.

According to reports, the community chronic disease management focuses mainly for Disease Control, common chronic diseases such as hypertension control efficiency of 90%, diabetes 73% to 75% efficiency. The forthcoming enterprise chronic disease management, pay more attention to control of health risk factors for young people in the workplace, such as obesity and smoking.

It is understood that the chronic disease intervention in the management staff to wear a sports monitor, this instrument can record the level of energy consumption by the effective movement of all of the employees, can record up to 15 days of data, and then periodically uploaded to the computer of the doctors responsible for based on individual circumstances, the doctor can be for its develop detailed health mentoring program and the decomposition of the target.

Guidance based on the decomposition of goals to the employees in the exercise, diet and other aspects. Meanwhile, for individuals to make the identification of Chinese constitution, with Chinese means for conditioning.

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The city from 2005 in the community to promote "confidant healthy" intervention in the management of chronic diseases. Currently, more than 600 communities achieve full coverage, about more than 60,000 community residents to participate.
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