Lanxi In the future, LONSTH will launch more LED series products for a better life!

LUXBUS Smart Photoelectricity Control System

The Luxbus smart photoelectricity control system developed by LONSTH with latest technology is widely used in airports, railway station, energy ,medical establishment, star-rated hotels, banks, schools, supermarkets, urban construction, upscale communities and high end office buildings. LONSTH Luxbus presets various light software models within the controlling carriers (computer, smart cell phone) as required by customers. The ambient lights in different areas are adjusted to create comfort light for human being through smart wireless control. Users may also select or adjust the light for specific ambient. Luxbus system has built-in smart memory functions. users may set the dimming system based on personal preference or to meet the different demands for different areas, different intensity of light and different lighting habits.

“Smart H﹒Ctrl” Smart Home Control System

LONSTH researched and developed “Smart H﹒Ctrl” smart home control system in accordance with the trend of upscale residence development in China. It is an intelligent housekeeper-type weak-electricity control system for high end families. The system has such practical functions as home lighting control, central control of home appliance, home security control and home video intercom to provide comprehensive and integrated control of lighting, home appliance and security control for families. Users may regulate the interior lighting at will at different time, for different season and in different regions. A remote control, a tablet PC or even a smart phone is enough for controlling all the lamps and home appliances at your home. You simply have to press the keys to choose ambient for reading, rest, sports or entertainment.

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