“Wisdom, Technology, Energy Saving”—Humanism

“Wisdom, technology and energy-saving”—humanism is the core philosophy of LONSTH, which is demonstrated in three respects, i.e. more profound and comprehensive control system, more comprehensive energy-saving system and more humanism perception. LONSTH provides more efficient, energy conservative and safer light application solutions and light control systems for business, enterprises, industry and family use in a more intelligent way based on different demands of the customers, environments, scenes and illumination, with a purpose to provide health and comfort photoreception for the people.


LONSTH grasps global mainstream development trend for photoelectricity industry and adheres to the green and environment-friendly industrial development direction. The company continuously improved information technology and industrialization management level, researched, developed and designed more humanism products to contribute to a better life and promote harmonious relationship between human being and lighting.

Wisdom Creates Futures

LONSTH, Luxbus and Control﹒Smarthome for basic lighting products,  photoelectricity control system and family photoelectricity control system respectively.

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